FedEx 1D

Barcode Updates

Important FedEx 1D Barcode Information

FedEx provides fast and reliable delivery to thousands of destinations around the world every day. Navigation of this network is made possible by the FedEx barcode, which enables FedEx handling systems and technologies to make high-speed sort decisions and to direct your packages through the FedEx® shipping network.

In order to offer new products and services and an even higher level of reliability, FedEx Express introduced a new 1D barcode in September 2011. FedEx Ground will begin implementing the FedEx 1D barcode at limited shipper locations during the summer of 2012.

These changes to the barcode may affect your shipping and receiving processes if you scan the FedEx Express barcode today as part of your business process and/or if you currently utilize a label for your FedEx Express shipments that was customer designed for your specific shipping solution.

The FedEx standard shipping label is sometimes modified by customers to meet their business needs. These labels are considered to be customized labels and require FedEx certification. Many customized labels will not be affected by the change to the new FedEx 1D Barcode. However, in some cases you may need to make internal changes to accommodate the new barcode formats.

To review the FedEx 1D Barcode Specification document and determine whether changes to your business processes are necessary, please continue to the next page. You may also contact FedEx Technical Support at 1.877.339.2774 to request further assistance.